A simple query language to define your algorithms


We have created a Rule Query Language (RQL) that allows you to construct your algorithm using simple everyday words and sentences so that you don't need to know a parrticular computer language. There are (currently) just a few basic 'blocks' of sentences that you need to create an algorithm :

  1. A block of words where you first define some standard terms (eg like the start and end dates of the test)
  2. The condition that you want to use to open a trade
  3. The condition that you want to use to close a trade

Since examples are often the best way to learn something, below is the RQL to open and close a trade if a particular price movement is observed:


If GBPUSD moves by more than 50 pips between 0900 and 1200 GMT then follow the price trend :

We use curly brackets to denote the start and end of blocks and an 'if' statement within the Open block sets the condition for when a trade should be opened. ( "~>" is the sign we use to denote "a movement greater than"). Any trades would be closed out if a stop loss of 20 pips is hit.

( Don't worry if you don't like the colouring we've used here, you'll be able to change it :)

To take another slightly more complex example, consider the following rule :


Here we are not only extending our rule to also compare the EURUSD rate (specifically if it moves by more than 40 pips) but we are also demonstrating the execution of what we call a 'delayed trade'. This feature allows you to delay the opening trade leg until after a certain time (in this case after we've left the observation window which finishes at midday).

As we hope you'll agree, having the ability to express your rules using every-day phrases and sentences like these is an elegant and easy way to build up potentially very complex algorithms.

We are always looking to expand the conditions that can be used to initiate or close a trade so if you have your own particular condition that you want to use, let us know and we'll see if we can incorporate it.

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